The Definitive Guide to IMC’s Altro Flooring Frame

Earlier this year, we hosted a seepage flange learning center at The NAFEM Show. In our booth, we showcased our innovative Altro Flooring technology designed for floor troughs. If you didn’t have a chance to attend these sessions, don’t worry – we will now share with you the major details & uses for Altro Flooring. This is our definitive guide.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into modifying your floor trough with Altro Flooring & what the positive benefits are. Let’s jump right into it.

Altro Flooring – The Definition

To start off, Altro Flooring (also called an Angle Frame) is a vinyl/rubberized sheet flooring that requires the stainless steel trough to have a clamping frame over trough’s ledge in order to secure this type of flooring.

The frame itself is 1¼” & constructed from 16GA stainless steel with 3⁄8” countersunk holes spaced equally around the frame. Altro flooring is placed over trough flange & the frame fits over the flooring flange. It is then secured with screws. Here’s a closer look:

What is the Benefit Exactly?

Trapped moisture in the floor can cause long term problems such as bubbling & unsafe surfaces. The chances of slipping & foot fatigue are dramatically increased. Altro flooring combats this by allowing the moisture to escape so the long-term health of your floor is ensured.

Altro flooring also creates a water tight seal between the trough & your floor. Also, Altro Flooring is more hygienic, incorporating antimicrobial additives that prevent mold, bacteria & viruses from accumulating.

Compatible IMC Floor Troughs

Altro Flooring is compatible with the following IMC floor troughs:

All angle frames are polished smooth to a brushed satin finish for that premium look. Altro flooring is available on troughs with widths ranging from 6″ to over 30″. A typical IMC floor trough with Altro Flooring looks like the below:

Altro flooring is just one of 4 specialized modifications for IMC floor troughs. It is a unique method of creating a slip-resistant floor prevent moisture buildup. To learn more about Altro Flooring, click here.

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