The Definitive Guide to IMC’s Flange Below Floor

Last week we spoke about Altro Flooring Frames & the use cases for them. This week, we will be diving into another unique floor trough modification known as Flange Below Floor. This modification was also on display in our booth at The NAFEM Show. If you didn’t have a chance to be at our booth, this is a great opportunity to know a little more about this floor trough option.

In this article, we’ll tell you what Flange Below Floor is & why you’d want to equip your floor trough with one. Let’s start.

Flange Below Floor – What is it?

To begin, let’s talk about a standard flange on a floor trough. A flange’s purpose is to secure the trough in the box out of your floor. The flange must be flush with the box out height in order to provide a water tight seal. Flange Below Floor simply lowers this flange below the ground. Here’s an installation comparison between a standard flange & Flange Below Floor:

 The Flange Below Floor is used to stabilize the trough during installation. It is constructed of 16GA stainless steel & covers the body of the trough on all 4 sides.

The flange goes down & out (“L” shape). The flange sits on the 1st concrete pour so the trough is secured & will not move when the 2nd level of concrete is poured. Here’s a look:

So, What is the Benefit?

Using Flange Below Floor will entirely depend on how you plan on setting your floor trough. If the ground cannot support a standard flange, Flange Below Floor is a viable option to consider. Also, Flange Below Floor adds an extra level of stability during installation thanks to how the concrete is poured into the box out. 

Compatible IMC Floor Troughs

Flange Below Floor is compatible with the following IMC floor troughs:

All floor troughs equipped with Flange Below Floor are polished smooth to a brushed satin finish for that premium look. Flange Below Floor is available on troughs with widths ranging from 6″ to over 30″. A typical IMC floor trough with Flange Below Floor looks like the below:

Flange Below Floor is just one of the unique modifications to floor troughs available by IMC. It is particularly useful for custom applications & extra strength during installation. To learn more about Flange Below Floor, click here.

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    1. Hi Jeff,

      Thank you for your reply. It is compatible & there are consultants who specify a waterproof membrane with flange below floor. However, we recommend using a seepage flange as the better option.

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