The Ultimate Guide to IMC Stainless Steel Floor Troughs Pt. 4 – IDFD, FDSS, FMT & FTC

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In this part we will look at IMC’s specialty troughs, which are specifically made for unique applications. Each of these floor troughs is made in the USA in our factory in Amityville, NY using only type 300 series stainless steel.

Let’s look at Models #IDFD, #FDSS, #FMT & #FTC.

Model #IDFD – The Answer for Capturing & Preventing All Leaks

Model #IDFD is an indirect floor drain. It is commonly used as an indirect or dedicated drain. The trough is equipped with standard weep holes & clamping flange for a waterproof membrane. This allows all leaks to be captured & prevents leaks in ceilings & floors.

The unit is constructed from 16-gauge type 300 series stainless steel with a 6½” depth. Standard sizing is 11½” x 11½” with a 4″ drain pipe & standard beehive strainer.

Here’s a full breakdown below:

Model #FDSS – Total Prevention of Overflowing Water

Model #FDSS is IMC’s floor drain sump sink. Sump sinks are responsible for ensuring proper liquid drainage when water overflows. The recessed flange supports floor tile & also provides a grout pocket.

 Model #FDSS is commonly paired with most compartment sinks & some facilities require them to be installed.

The unit is constructed from 16-gauge type 300 series stainless steel with a 4” depth. Standard sizing is 12” x 12” with a 4″ drain pipe & standard beehive strainer. The stainless steel construction delivers unparalleled durability when compared to inferior plastic drains.

Here’s a closer look at Model #FDSS:

Model #FMT – The Solution for Low Volume Liquid Waste Removal

Model #FMT is a flush mounted floor trough. The FMT trough mounts directly over finished floor & is particularly suitable for use in low volume liquid waste removal areas of a kitchen such as directly below an ice machine, beverage table, pot sink, or walk in refrigerator.

Installation is simply accomplished by connecting the trough waste outlet through a cored hole to the plumbers waste pipe.

The unit is constructed from 16-gauge type 300 series stainless steel with a 1¼” depth. The unit comes standard with a beehive strainer & a 4″ OD tailpiece for up to 3″ waste.

Here’s a look:

Model #FTC – The Industry’s First True Stainless Steel Corner Floor Trough

Model #FTC is IMC’s newest floor trough. We know that floor space is a limited resource for every commercial facility. With so many other items taking up valuable real estate, corner equipment is an attractive option.

Dead corner space & filling in those gaps is also important in maximizing your area. Those corners can also be home to excess liquids that you are unable to set to drain successfully. A corner floor trough is the most sensible solution.

Model #FTC is the first ever stainless steel corner floor trough constructed from 16-gauge type 300 series stainless steel & 4″ deep. The 1″ splash on 2 sides protects your wall from splashing water. Lastly, the triangle shape fits any corner in your facility.

Here’s a look:

The above 4 floor troughs represent IMC’s achievement in engineering & design. It should be noted that all the above floor troughs may be modified with options to best fit your application. Please check the price book or specific trough spec sheets for a list of options. For a closer look at IMC’s floor troughs, click here.

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