Mop Sink Cabinets vs. Janitors’ Closets – Which is Better?

Cleaning your facility is a crucial part of building maintenance. In fact, it is one of the most strictly regulated activities in the United States. This means a staff of trained custodians with proper equipment is a must. Janitors’ closets are the “home base” for all custodial items such as sinks, cleaning chemicals, mops, vacuums, signs & so forth. However, mop sink cabinets exist as well – with many differences. Which one is ultimately the better solution?

In this article, we will set the stage for mop sink cabinets & janitor’s closets, breaking down the similarities & differences. We’ll also offer up some key IMC models to take into consideration. Let’s start the bout.


If you’ve ever walked into a janitor closet, it’s most likely a cluttered mess with bottles, wires, pipes, tubing, smaller appliances & other items. This is a recipe for disaster. People can trip over the clutter & potentially get hurt. Slippery areas may also be hard to see due to the large amounts of items littering the floor.

Mop sink cabinets offer a compact space for holding the absolute essentials thanks to the integrated shelving. There is no risk of clutter.

Winner: Mop Sink Cabinets


You can’t clean with dirty tools. Unfortunately, most janitors’ closets hold items that are dirty, dusty or old. Many of the sinks in janitor’s closets are unclean & showing signs of wear – so water may not be the most pure.

Mop sink cabinets made of stainless steel are 100% hygienic & easy to clean. The integrated spray hose/faucet (which can be easily sanitized as well) delivers water from your source.

Winner: Mop Sink Cabinets


Believe it or not, most janitors’ closets are actually shared spaces with offices, break rooms or other storage areas. Janitorial items can quickly get lost in translation – making them difficult to find.

Mop sink cabinets are their own entity. They are used for one thing & one thing only – janitorial needs. You just need to set it up & start taking advantage of them.

Winner: Mop Sink Cabinets

…And the Winner is?

The evidence is clear that mop sink cabinets are the next evolution of the janitor’s closet. With the better organizational benefits, emphasis on cleanliness & the small footprint, they are the best solution for janitors at the moment.

Although janitors’ closets have been around since the beginning, it is mop sink cabinets that will provide you with the biggest benefits in the short & long term.

What can IMC offer?

IMC offers 3 main mop sink cabinets – each with their own uses:

CMSC – Combination Clean & Soiled Utility Cabinet

The CMSC is suitable for applications where you need sanitary separation within a compact space. Therefore, the cabinet is divided into a “soiled” side & a “clean” side. The unit features two separate sinks for this purpose.

CMSC also comes with a utility spray hose & (2) two mop holders. The fill/soak side is supplied with a pot filler faucet as well. Here’s a closer look:


MSC – Mop Sink Cabinet

This is a single cabinet option for facilities with limited space. The unit features (1) sink with (1) hinged door to fully enclose the cabinet. The upper section has (1) fixed shelf with a mop holder. A utility spray hose with brush is standard. Have a look:


CMSC-R – Combination Mop & Storage Cabinet

CMSC-R includes (1) sink & an easy way to store a mop bucket. It’s a popular solution for those in need of an additional storage. Here’s a look:

IMC/Teddy understands that janitors need the right system to perform tasks quickly. Mop sink cabinets only serve to enhance this by keeping all necessary tools in a compact, organized space. To learn more about how IMC’s mop sink cabinets, click here.

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