Combination Clean & Soiled Utility Cabinet

  • 18GA Type 304 Stainless Steel with Double Pan Door(s)
  • Soiled Sink Side (23½” x 19”), Filler Soak Sink Side (18½” x 19”)
  • Upper section of cabinet has (1) fixed shelf notched for mop handles
  • Detachable cross bars convert the sink quickly for use as a can/pot washer (Optional)
  • Hinged S/S doors fully enclose each of the soiled & clean sides – provides a sanitary separation
  • Designed for use where space is limited & helps follow acceptable sanitary practices in any size facility
  • Fill/wash side is used to fill stock pots
  • Mop buckets for kitchen & customer areas can be easily emptied, cleaned & refilled as needed on the soiled side
  • Shelf provides storage for cleaning supplies
  • Removable sink covers provide additional storage when sinks are not being used (Optional)
  • Overall Size: 4612” x 24” x 84”
  • Service Faucet & Spray Hose Included
  • Sloped Top Comes Standard
  • Certified by: NSF
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