Top 4 Reasons to Invest in NSF Certified Equipment

NSF International (or NSF, for short) is THE product testing, inspection & certification agency for food service equipment. With nearly 80 years of experience, NSF still remains the top organization when it comes to equipment safety & sanitary requirements. With that said, why should consumers invest in NSF approved equipment exactly?

In this article, we’ll give 4 distinct reasons why consumers should look into NSF equipment for their own organization. We’ll also give you some useful IMC products that are NSF certified. Let’s jump right in.

1. State & Local Code Compliance

It is true that not all state & local codes require NSF equipment. However, restaurant & facility inspections are a common activity in today’s landscape. In those inspections, equipment goes “under the microscope” for a full safety & sanitary check. If equipment is NSF certified, the chances of that equipment passing is extremely high. Why?

Inspectors can easily verify equipment compliance just by seeing the NSF certification mark:

This means the equipment has passed all the strict compliance tests & ready for use. Contrast that with equipment that is not NSF certified & compliance issues may crop up.

2. It’s About Food Safety

In the commercial environment, food safety is a highly regulated affair with multiple agencies (FSISFDACDC) involved. Unfortunately, foodborne illness is still a very real risk. In fact, the CDC estimates that each year 48 million people get sick from contaminated food. Investing in NSF certified equipment is just one way to promote food safety.

NSF approved equipment will give you peace of mind that you are using the most sanitary equipment possible. Equipment that is not NSF certified runs the risk of promoting cross-contamination & illness – causing several loses & headaches.

3. Franchise Requirements

In the era of COVID-19 where safety is paramount, many chains & franchises are pushing for the most sanitary equipment possible. As a result, franchises are promoting the idea & culture of food safety. The goal is to encourage safety measures, increase job satisfaction & improve employee morale. Having NSF approved equipment in your lineup meets these requirements.

4. Positive Brand Exposure

Validity is something every establishment seeks. Having NSF approved equipment brings a positive look to your organization & solidifies your commitment to quality & safety. It’s about keeping an affirmative image for your organization. With the increased credibility, you have a leg up on the competition. 

IMC/Teddy – We Take NSF Seriously

MC/Teddy offers a variety of floor troughs, worktables, hand sinks, utility sinks, cabinets, shelving & so on that is currently 100% safe & sanitary to use in food service applications. Our complete list of NSF approved equipment can be found here. However the list is far too long to write here. Here are a few select products:

IMC/Teddy continues to grow this important list each year as our way of committing to safety. 

NSF certified equipment remains the gold standard for operators in the food service industry. Now that you have even more knowledge on NSF, it’s time to look into keeping your establishment in compliance & 100% safe. For more information on NSF standards for food equipment & appliances, click here.

*Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of IMC/Teddy. Our content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. Please contact IMC/Teddy directly if you would like to feature this post on your webpage. Thank you.

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