Top 4 Stainless Steel Products for Senior/Assisted Living Homes

In the United States, there are currently over 30,000 senior/assisted living facilities with approximately 800,000 residents. This number will only increase as the senior population continues to expand in the country. Baby boomers are starting to fall into this segment as they gradually move into these centers.

With an unending flow of residents, these facilities will only continue to develop. These homes host a number of activities, but dining is something every resident partakes in. What role does stainless steel equipment play in meal services?

In this article, we’ll give you 4 product categories to consider for senior/assisted living homes. We’ll also offer up some IMC products to help you in your search. Let’s jump right in.

1. ADA Compliant Equipment

Much of the population in senior/assisted living homes require wheelchairs or other some form of mobility aid. Therefore, equipment must conform to their needs to increase accessibility. Equipment with ADA compliance certifies the suitability of kitchen & service tools for these individuals.

IMC manufactures ADA compliant grating & hand sinks for installation in senior/assisted living homes. Model #PFG-ADA features less spacing in between bars, which eliminates any gap issues allowing wheelchairs to cross over it with ease. Model #ADA-WS is IMC’s signature ADA compliant hand sink. The sink is equipment with an oversized deck & integrated towel/soap dispenser. The sink itself meets all clearance & height regulations of 1991 title III ADA regulation published July 26, 1991. Look closer: 

2. Hot/Cold Food Counters

Senior/assisted living facilities often carry various types of cuisines to please the masses. More options mean more varieties of food. This opens up the door for buffet service. You’ll need hot & cold food counters for buffet service, allowing you to serve meals with ease. 

Hot food counters enable you to maintain heat & keep your food in fresh condition. Models #SHF & #SHFC are IMC’s hot food counter products. SHF is a standard offering with 2-6 wells. SHFC has all the features of the standard model #SHF, but includes a heated compartment as well. The product is ideal for high volume buffet serving operations where constant replacement of the wells is a common occurrence. Here’s a look: 

Cold food counters keep your food items ready & chilled during meal service. IMC’s two main cold food counters are #CFC & #CFCR. CFC is IMC’s standard cold food counter with 2-6 ice pans available which are made from insulated stainless steel. CFCR has all the features of CFC, but includes a refrigerated cold pan. It is ideal for applications where you need to have your cold foods ready to serve all day long. Let’s take a peek: 

3. Beverage Counters

Beverages also play a key role in meal service, so having specially designed equipment on hand is a plus. A beverage counter doubles as a storage & tabletop surface so they are portable serving stations, where your food & drink items can be set atop for distribution. They are also useful for storing beverage glasses & other beverage tools such as strainers or straws. Beverage counters can also be used to store dishes, dish racks, serving trays & more. 

IMC offers Model #BVC, which is a unique beverage counter constructed of type 304 stainless steel. The product includes a 6″ backsplash with slotted grating & a 1″ drain for excess liquids. Here’s a taste:

4. Tray & Silverware Counters

Trays & silverware need a safe & easy place for distribution during meal service. Dedicated tray & silverware counters are just the ticket. Equipping yours with casters will easily allow you to move your counter from area to area, if necessary.

IMC offers Models #TSC & #TSCL as its premier tray & silverware counters. TSC is a fully enclosed tray & silverware counter. 14″ x 18″ trays can be easily stored on this unit while a variety of silverware can be accommodated with available 5-9 pans. TSCL has a smaller footprint & features a lowerator for trays plus all welded silverware holders. Here’s a visual:

Senior/assisted living complexes are a mainstay in the USA & will only continue to grow as time goes on. Dining is also expanding in these facilities to satisfy all residents during meal service. To learn more about how IMC can cater to your stainless steel needs, click here.

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