Essential Stainless Steel Country Club Equipment

Country clubs in the United States have a very long & storied history. Today, they continue to thrive with roughly 8,800 clubs operating. Country clubs enable members to engage in physical activities (such as golf or tennis), hold events & indulge in high class dining. As far as the dining goes, members expect the best of the best. Stainless steel equipment fits right into the mold.

In this article, we’ll offer up some essential stainless steel items to enhance your prestigious dining service in your country club. We’ll also offer up some IMC products that will complement this. Let’s start.

#1 – Worktables (LARGE Sized)

Dining in country clubs is a significant attraction, often drawing an endless amount of guests from open to close. With that said, meals must be created from scratch around the clock.

To keep up with the demand, equipping your kitchen with large sized worktables will alleviate the stress on your staff. Investing in enough worktables to prep & serve finished meals is vital.  IMC worktables can go up to 36″ wide & 144″ long to easily accommodate any busy country club service. IMC models #WT#WTB & #WT1 have flat top stainless steel surfaces (14 or 16 gauge available) that can easily fit into your lineup. Here’s a peak:

#2 – Modular Serving Systems (Hot/Cold Food Counters)/Dispensers (for Cutlery)

If you opt for more a refined buffet style dining experience for country club members, you’ll need to look into purchasing several modular serving systems such as hot & cold food counters. Modular serving systems are some of the most customizable pieces of equipment in the industry. Many can be equipped with heat lamps, tray slides, laminate doors or intermediate shelves to name a few. 

Sneeze guards, protector cases & display cases are the most essential options to have in order to maintain hygiene in your serving line. These 3 options allow you to keep your menu items protected & out of people reach. No more tampering & less risk of contamination. 

Here is IMC’s selection of cold & hot Modular Serving Systems:

Now that food in your buffet is covered, you’ll need knives, forks, spoons, straws & other small utensils to complete the look. A place to store & organize these items is a must. A dedicated silverware dispenser is just the ticket.

Most silverware dispensers vary in shape & size, but they are all meant to protect, hold & distribute your small utensils. Patrons will have quick access to the most essential utensils anytime.

Here’s a peek at IMC Model #SD16H, a stainless steel silverware dispenser:

#3 – Ice Carts/Bins (for Bar Operations)

A country club would not be a country club without a full service bar with some of the finest drinks available. This is why having your bar readily equipped is a priority. A handy item to have standing by at all times is an ice cart/bin. Ice carts/bins allow you to safely store your ice at cold temperatures & enable you to quickly access the ice for serving.

IMC offers 4 distinct ice bins/carts to satisfy your ice storage needs – Model #IBP-1Model #ITRCModel #IBT-36 & Model #ICBS:

#4 – Hand Sinks

With so many individuals coming & going throughout the day, country clubs need proper hygienic equipment to keep the environment as sanitary as possible. The biggest item to consider is hand sinks. The type of hand sink you want to invest in will depend on your facility layout & expected traffic throughout the day.

For members, consider a wall mounted or free standing hand sinks to facilitate washing of hands. Keeping the logical amount of hand sinks within a certain distance will only promote better hygiene & give a better impression of your business.

For employees, we advise looking into multi-station hand sinks. These sinks cut down on wait times & ultimately increase employee productivity.

For the ultimate hygienic option, most hand sinks can be converted to be hands-free operated. Faucets, soap dispensers & towel dispensers can be operated by a simple wave of your hand. Have a look at a few select IMC hand sinks:

Country clubs have the job to wow each member coming through the door. Although dining is just one facet of the country club operation, it is a big portion of the experience. Obtaining the right equipment will only facilitate employee workflow & boost member satisfaction. To learn more about how IMC can cater to your stainless steel needs, click here.

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