A Simple Guide on How to Maintain Pot Racks

Pot racks come in all shapes & sizes. The method of mounting them is vast – ceiling, table, wall & so on. However, one thing remains true for any pot rack – taking care of them is a must. What exactly should be addressed in your maintenance schedule though?

In this article, we will go over 3 ways to properly maintain your IMC pot rack. We’ll also suggest some handy cleaning tools that should be used on stainless steel items in general. Let’s begin.

1. Clean Every Angle (Even the Brackets)

Pot racks fall into the common trap of “setting it & forgetting it” meaning once it is installed, there’s no need to touch it ever again. This is simply not true. The fact is your pot rack is collecting dust, grime & grease slowly over time. This means routinely cleaning your pot rack so it looks fresh.

You may have to use a ladder or some other climbing equipment to fully reach your pot rack. However, if possible, remove your pot rack & thoroughly clean out each corner and crevice. Yes, even the brackets should be sanitized. Leave no stone unturned.

Always remember to use a mild solution like rubbing alcohol or baking soda (do not use anything that contains chlorine) and no abrasive tools (no wool or wire pads). Here is some more general stainless steel cleaning tips to guide you along.

2. Check the Stability

The worst situation is to a ceiling mounted pot rack come crashing down causing harm & damage. Pot racks should be 100% firm in place with no wobbling, shifting or noticeable movement even with light objects attached to it. Over time, your pot rack may need some reinforcement to keep it stable – make the necessary adjustments!

An easy way to re-test stability is to gradually hang objects from the pot rack & observe any movement. You may also want to give it a slight shake or tug to test the strength. Keep your ears open for any odd sounds such as creaking, which can indicate a weak spot in the installation.

Be mindful of the weight limits of pot racks too. A good rule of thumb is to keep the weight under 200 lbs when hanging your objects.

A final note – check the mounting brackets or legs for any damage or bending. 

3. Don’t Forget About the Pot Hooks!

Pot hooks are what you use to hang up your objects so these are important. Check your pot hooks for any bends or kinks. Replace damaged pot hooks immediately. Make sure they are firmly attached to your pot rack.

See if your pot hooks are balanced on your pot rack so objects are not crooked when hung.

Yes, even your pot hooks can collect grime & grease. Periodically clean these as well to match the look of your overall pot rack.

IMC/Teddy manufactures a wide variety of pot racks, all made from Type 304 Series Stainless Steel. No matter what type of pot rack you have, always remember to keep on top of the maintenance for prolonging the life of your equipment. For our full pot rack lineup, click here.

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