Stainless Steel Italian Restaurant Equipment – What Are the Essentials?

Italian food remains the 2nd most popular cuisine in America. In fact, a gigantic 88% of Americans say they enjoy Italian food. With such popular dishes such as pizza & pasta, what’s not to love about Italian food? The bold flavors, unique visuals & love that go into each meal are second to none. It is fair to say that the popularity of Italian food means an unending rise in Italian restaurants. How does stainless steel equipment fit into the equation?

In this article, we’ll give you a checklist of 4 stainless steel products that should be integrated into any Italian restaurant. We’ll also offer up some IMC products to help you out. Let’s jump right into the first category.

 Mixer/Slicer Tables

In the world of Italian cuisine, many smaller machines & ovens are needed. Mini pasta machines, noodle cookers, dough mixers & espresso machines are just a small taste. Many of these items need a suitable place to sit atop. In fact, Italian restaurants may need several of these depending on the size of the operation. Stainless steel mixer tables are just the right item to accommodate these important tools.

Italian meats & cheeses are also prevalent in any Italian restaurant, so you’ll need capable slicers to deal with these food items. Slicers can be quite cumbersome – so a dedicated slicer table is necessary for these.

IMC offers Models #SMT & #SMTT. SMT is a stainless steel mixer table with a 14-gauge top & an 18-gauge undershelf. The low height (30″) is ideal for operating any machine. Model #SMTT is similar, but adds an integrated 40″ high tool tree for utensil storage. Slicer table models #SMTS & #SMS are equipped with tray slides to organize your creations. Here’s a look:

 Equipment Stands

For larger, heavier duty machines such as pizza ovens or pasta extruders, you will need a wider & shorter stand to access these items better. Equipment stands fit the bill perfectly. As a bonus, these stands are designed for intense use & can stand up to the daily wear & tear.

IMC offers Models #EST & #ESTP. EST is a stainless steel equipment stand constructed of rugged 14-gauge type 300 series stainless steel. Standard height is 24″, so operating machinery should be a breeze. Model #ESTP is unique equipment stand designed to capture any scrap or crumbs in a removable tray – useful for any foods involving dough or flour. A brush is included with the stand for easy clean up. Here’s a closer look:

 Beverage Counters

In the realm of Italian cuisine, the first beverage that comes to mind is wine. Storing unopened wine in a non-refrigerated environment is common practice. This makes dedicated beverage counters an attractive option for holding multiples varieties of wine. A beverage counter is also useful, not just for wine, but other beverages in a can, bottle or glass such as limoncello or amaretto.

Model #BVC is an attractive stainless steel beverage counter designed not only as a tabletop work surface, but provides additional storage below. BVC’s top is constructed of 16-gauge stainless steel & the frame is constructed of 14-gauge stainless steel. The unit includes a standard 6″ backsplash to keep walls looking clean & tidy. Here’s a look:

 Tray Carts

For those larger Italian restaurants, having tray carts on hand to bus around food items is important. Another common practice is preparing dough ahead of time. Tray carts allow you to hold the dough in place before creating dishes. Tray carts can also be used to house special desserts or ingredients temporarily.

IMC offers 3 tray cart models:  TC1, TC2, & TC. Each model has their own uses in real world applications. TC1 is the budgetary choice – equipped with 1 door & a 12-20 tray capacity. TC2 features 2 doors & our catalog’s largest tray capacity at 20-40. TC is the flagship tray cart from IMC featuring 2-3 swing doors & a 20-30 tray capacity. Have a peek:

Italian restaurants remain a top pick for Americans due to the wide range of recipes, famous dishes & appealing visuals. Having the right equipment on hand is sure to increase business efficiency & satisfy patrons. To learn more about how IMC can cater to your stainless steel needs, click here.

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