The 5 Essential Stainless Steel Items for Juice Bars

Specialized juices & delicious smoothies are becoming a popular staple in the USA. This is due in part to people becoming aware of the needed benefits of nutrients & antioxidants from fruits & vegetables. In fact, the smoothie/juicing industry is currently valued at $7.09 billion & expected to grow another $5 billion in the next 5 years.

Juice bars need the standard mixers, blenders, ice machines, freezers, refrigerators & so on. But, what are some of the stainless steel items that should join the lineup?

In this article, we’ll give you 5 essential stainless steel products/product categories for operating a profitable juice bar. We will then offer up some IMC products to complement this. Let’s start off with #1.

1. Worktables – For all required prep work

Making juices & smoothies can become messy in an instant. This is why you need worktables for much needed prep space. Slicing up fruits/vegetables requires a dedicated, large space. Adding garnishes or other ingredients will require a flat top as well. Worktables are just the ticket for performing all of these tasks. 

IMC offers a variety of worktable models to keep up with all juicing demands. IMC models #WT#WTB & #WT1 have flat top stainless steel surfaces (14 or 16 gauge available) that can easily fit into your lineup. Here’s a peak:

2. Knife Cabinets – For housing your best cutlery

When dealing with fruits & vegetables, investing in a useful set of knives is mandatory. Slicing & dicing is just part of the job when it comes to running a juice bar. With that said, looking into a dedicated knife cabinet is a smart way to store your most cherished cutlery.

IMC offers Model #KNC, which is a stainless steel knife holder that is wall mounted. KNC features a double pan hinged door (with louvers for ventilation). When opening the cabinet, a knife holder presents itself, which can hold up to 10 knives comfortably.  Here’s a preview:

3. Compartment Sinks – For washing fruit & wares

Before using fruits/vegetables for your creations, every item must be properly washed & rinsed. This is where compartment sinks come into play. Utilizing a 2 compartment (wash & rinse) sink exclusively for fruit/vegetable use is a smart move. For ware washing, a 3 compartment (wash, rinse, sanitize) is recommended to fully purify your used utensils & dishes.

IMC offers the #SCS series of compartment sinks. These sinks can have 1-4 sink bowls & drainboards as well. A variety of options are available to fully customize your compartment sink. One particular useful option is for a cutting board rack for holding your own boards for chopping up your food items. Here’s a visual:

4. Mixer Tables – for blending & juicing equipment

Commercial blenders & juicers are the dynamic duo of any juicing establishment. Setting them up on a dedicated mixer table keeps your area organized & clean. Some of these machines can also be hefty, so a mixer table will aid in operating them. Mixer tables can also be equipped with casters so they can be maneuvered around your work area.

IMC offers Models #SMT & #SMTT. SMT is a stainless steel mixer table with a 14-gauge top & an 18-gauge undershelf. The unit comes standard with 5″ casters as well. The low height (30″) is ideal for operating any machine. Model #SMTT is similar, but adds an integrated 40″ high tool tree for utensil storage. Here’s a look:

5. Shelving – For storage & safety

With so many fruits & vegetables in play, proper organization & storage equipment is mandatory. Apart from that, shelving provides a safe way to keep fruits & vegetables sanitary for use in your creations. Arranging your ingredients in a sensible way will pay dividends in the long run.

IMC offers several types of shelving, but for juice bars we recommend models #BL#S & #BLC. BL is our basic offering with an 18-gauge type 300 series stainless steel construction. S steps up the durability to 16GA & comes with inside posts & a hemmed edge. BLC is our corner shelf offering, which is useful if floor space is limited. All shelving is available with solid or louvered shelves. Here’s a breakdown:

With the rise in juice bars across the country, many people have increased interest in wellness & health. Setting up your juice bar with the right stainless steel equipment is ensuring success & quality service. To learn more about how IMC can cater to your stainless steel needs, click here.

*Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of IMC/Teddy. Our content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. Please contact IMC/Teddy directly if you would like to feature this post on your webpage. Thank you.

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