Countertop Cooking & Stainless Steel Equipment: A Match Made in Heaven?

In today’s commercial kitchens, countertop cooking is just as vital as full-size units. Saving valuable space is just one reason to consider countertop cooking. With that said, equipment such as griddles, steamers, microwaves, fryers & hot plates are a mainstay. However, most of these items can be cumbersome & require a stable base underneath it to get the most out of them. Can stainless steel equipment help elevate your countertop cooking activities?

In this article, we’ll give 4 stainless steel products that pair well with most countertop cooking appliances.   We’ll also show some real world photos of IMC stainless steel equipment & countertop cooking equipment joined together in the field. Let’s begin

1. Worktables – An Absolute MUST

Worktables (or prep tables) are the #1 stainless steel product to consider if you plan on doing heavy countertop cooking.


Simply because worktables can easily accommodate most countertop cooking appliances such as small ovens, broilers, skillets, etc. Worktables have strong bullet feet, which firmly plant into the ground & provide a balanced surface to work from.

Moreover, worktables can be customized to fit multiples pieces of equipment in any allotted space. Overall, worktables are THE solution for keeping your cooking equipment stable & secure.

Consider IMC/Teddy Models #WT#WTB & #WTBC for your general worktable needs.

2. Mixer/Slicer Tables – Specialized Mobility

If you need a reliable spot to keep your slicers & mixers, it is recommended to consider a mobile worktable. Mixer & slicer tables are just the ticket.

Mixer tables usually have an undershelf, while slicer tables have tray rails. Both types are equipped with casters so they can maneuver around your facility effortlessly. The lower heights of both tables (usually 30″-34″) give you a more comfortable working position when operating your machinery.

Check out IMC Models #SMT#SMTS#SMTT & #SMSS for a full array of mixer/slicer table.

3. Stainless Steel Countertops – An Alternative to Worktables

If multiple worktables are not an option or you already have a previous setup, countertops can be fitted into your existing lineup. Countertops are designed to blend seamlessly with your refrigerator, freezer, cabinets & more.

In particular, stainless steel countertops are the obvious choice over wood or stone. Stainless steel is better at standing up to the high amount of volume on a day-to-day basis. Stainless steel is also non-porous, making it the more hygienic choice. Lastly, stainless steel countertops are a snap to install into almost any current commercial kitchen setup.

IMC manufactures Model #TFS, which can be customized to fit any countertop cooking application.

4. Base Cabinets – Custom Built

Base cabinets are mainly designed for storage, but did you know that countertops can be combined with them to create a complete workstation? Base cabinets can be designed with an open top so it can be installed into a system of other IMC countertops (See Model #TFS as shown above) & cabinets for a complete arrangement. In fact, this is a fairly common installation method.

Take a look at IMC’s Model #BC. IMC can manufacture each base cabinet with an open top to accompany any countertop item. 

Let’s take a look at selection of IMC stainless steel equipment joined with countertop cooking items:

Countertop cooking is here to stay. With the downsizing of many commercial kitchens, countertop cooking will only continue to grow. Pairing your countertop cooking equipment with stainless steel is only a recipe for success. To learn more about how IMC can cater to your stainless steel needs, click here.

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